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Absolution was the album that brought me into Muse. I'd heard the singles from Origin of Symmetry and quite liked them, but it was one of those "Oh, I'll further check out the band when I have some time" moments. Then one day I heard Stockholm Syndrome on the internet before the album was released, and it was pure awe. I imported a copy of the album from the UK that fall and played the hell out of it over the next year. It was like nothing I'd heard before -- the combination of baroque and metal influences, having a technical piano solo in the middle of an epic guitar song, the bass opening to Hysteria...oh my god. I was hooked. That three-piece band put out so much noise it was unbelievable.

Somewhere I read a review of Absolution that said "This is what you'll listen to as the world ends" and I think that's a fair summary. I've never found it difficult to listen to all of the way through; it has almost a perfect balance cohesion (Thoughts of a Dying Atheist the notable exception) and ends on a sublime note with Ruled by Secrecy. None of Muse's other albums have the same intensity or emotion that Absolution does, and it will always remain my favorite for that reason. Muse has since occasionally hearkened back to that era (Hoodoo springs to mind) but Absolution stands tall as their masterpiece. It's the album I always suggest first to new listeners.
To each his own, I guess. Absolution didn't blow me away at all the first time I heard it. Took a while for me to appreciate it. And I still don't appreciate it as much as most people, though I like some songs on it a lot.
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