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exactly what I was looking for

I've been on operation shutdown since I bought tickets for NYC and Ottawa, not wanting to know set-lists, stage set-up or anything else. Since the Drones tour and as much as I have enjoyed the major tours, I really wanted to see the band on a no-frills stage with 2 mics and just have them bring it and rip thru their set
An outdoor festival I figured would be a basically a greatest hits shortened set with little or no frills as far as staging goes coupled with being uncomfortable and tough to see.
Surprises: Stage set-up was awesome, I had seen seen a couple of pics and just figured it was a simple video wall but when they moved and the band appeared from behind them to start the show, it was pretty neat.

Set-list was really good in my opinion. I'm not one to OD on pills because they didn't play a Hullabaloo b-side I've based my existence on so the inclusion of Stockholm, PIB and Time is Running Out were quite welcome after not hearing them for a while. Being a festival and tight time restrictions, they actually played longer and fit in more songs than I was expecting.

I got the rail, wasn't expecting it, hadn't planned on it, but we got their about 1/2 hour before gates opened and that proved to be good enough. Bass was loud enough to move a small cruise ship and not always pleasant, but wouldn't have changed anything. Kids beside me got Chris's harmonica; they deserved it, had a handmade sign, got in line at 10am, I was happy for them. Everybody around me on the day caught something from some band...I gotta work on my catching abilities.

Matt destroyed an amp with his guitar. I was happy when I finally saw him trash a guitar on last tour, this was a new wrinkle.

Great weather. Friday got rained out after 2 songs by headliner Live...go figure, Lightening was Crashing. It rained yesterday, it's raining this's rained every &*%ing day this summer. Awesome day.

Morgan seemed to have increased role, maybe because he was out of his hole from Drones tour but some with a guitar more than ever before, even when Matt was playing.
Bit of a new intro for Knights, went from Harmonica to heavy guitar/drum jam then back to Harmonica.

Disappointment: Matt leaving stage for New Kinda Kick. Really didn't understand this. But it did give me time to reminisce about The Cramps...great band, got to see them a bunch back in the day. to NYC, looking forward to it.
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