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Showbiz: Escape, Overdue, Hate This And I'll Love You

OoS (my track listing, which may be wrong but it's mine): Screenager, Darkshines, Megalomania (those are all great though).

Abso: The Small Print, Endlessly, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

BH&R: Soldier's Poem, Invincible, Assassin

TR: Guiding Light, Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra

T2L: Big Freeze, Save Me, Liquid State

Drones: [Drill Sergeant], Psycho, Mercy
or, [JFK]/Defector, Revolt, Aftermath

A lot of these were tough. Really the only two albums where you get three fairly weak tracks in a row are T2L and Showbiz. The others I had to add in track flow to chose.
The Cydonian Rhapsody of Rocinante
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