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Originally Posted by MATCHU View Post
I have yet to actually hear Undisclosed Desires on the radio. Here they rotate Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight, Uprising, and Resistance. That's about it.
Well, the station here has been going crazy for Muse since the Not So Silent Night and the return gig in April. They made a big deal when NSC came out and played it on the hour, every hour for two days. But people called in a lot and said they would rather hear other Muse. So they played more KoC and Starlight, aside from the usual Uprising and Resistance, which plays ALL THE TIME!

I remember them playing UD around the time when the video came out. But not much since. Now it's back on the radio and getting plenty of positive responses. They read texts on air during lunch and some people said it's the sexiest song on the radio today. Soooo, I imagine they'll keep it on for a bit longer than NSC for sure.
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