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Originally Posted by Man With A Harmonica View Post
**What's He Building?**
1. Recess
2. Psycho
3. Dark Shines
4. The Handler+Township Rebellion Riff
5. Showbiz+Execution Commentary Riff
6. Isolated System+MK Ultra+School Riff
7. New Born+Ashamed Outro
8. Bliss (Extended)
9. Big Freeze
10. Plug In Baby
11. Map Of The Problematique+Who Knows Who Riff
12. Dead Inside
13. Uprising
14. Time Is Running Out
15. Blackout
16. Stockholm Syndrome+Micro Cuts Outro+Endless Nameless Riff
17. Apocalypse Please (Matt on guitar, Morgan on piano)+Space Dementia Outro

18. Take A Bow+Fury Riff
19. Starlight
20. Knights Of Cydonia
A perfect list! Definitely like it and may be my favorite too.
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