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This should be a Dream thread, ive had a few Muse ones.

Had one dream where Matt Singing & Playing on his white Piano on our 6th Form Field, on his own. No one noticed him I was the only one who did ...... lol.

Also had a Dream where Muse were playing in my loft (!), they were making the new album in there. I went up (just being my normal self) saying 'Fancy a Cuppa??', and I got tea for them. Was well weird, didnt even freak out of anything

Non-Muse dreams consist of -
Me & My mate walking to 6th Form and found a field, with cows.....then we fed these cows plastic green bottles, and the cows loved them. Also there was this boy who was throwing bottles at them...cause he felt like it

Being chased by Bunny Rabbits, a mass number of them down my street. And I watched the Tv and it said Ipswich was infested with Bunny Rabbits, then the Bunny Rabbits caught me then I woke up.

Im weird
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