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Originally Posted by vspirit
i'm hoping for some smaller club venues thrown in, though, like the recent We Are Scientists at Zouk KL one but Muse might just be able to command a crowd that's bigger than smaller venues like that over here now. couple of years ago these smaller venues might've worked maybe but certainly not anymore now, i don't think. i can still hope, though...
oh boy, lol can 16 year olds enter Zouk if Muse performs there? i doubt it. so i PRAAAY that they dont have a performance there or i swear i will cry my eyes out if my fake id doesnt work.
oh wait, by next year i'll be 17. that KIND OF heightens the chance of me entering... i guess. sigh.

and i agree with you on the whole we do the payin', they do the travellin', but this could possibly be their first and last stop in south east asia (if they do come in the first place), and you'd miss it even if its in singapore? :O
i sure wouldnt. i just hopppe and praaaay that their concert will be at the beginning of the year and not after that.. because of the ultimate exam of all exams! SPM. die.

who do you think would know of Muse's tour dates next year? besides crazy_bob.
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