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Originally Posted by Hey, Johnny Park!
Dude, I can't get into your site. I get to the entry page, but I can't click on anything. Well, I can, but it dosen't do anything.

PS: I like your style, drummer sounds v. competent. Singer's good but a little overdramtic in ym opinion. Still, v. good for an unsigend band
Ha ha yea, the singing is a tad weird. Itwas the last day and everything was getting a bit rushed.
Alot of singing of that track has been changed and is now better IMO.
I really cant wait to get our new recording finished, coz I'd love to hear all your feedback on what 'i think' are much more interesting tracks.

cheers for your responce!

As for the site....
Im not sure whats wrong there.
It seems to be working fine.
Just clink on [enter]
Or if all fails................
go here
Hope that works for ya!

Dont worry deadstar.....
I'll send ya a copy, but you should register yourself on the message board. When its finished i will be asking a few people for their postal address so I can send them out. It will be easier to contact you + I might forget, but if your on our board you would be contacted.

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