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Think I’m in the most positive place with Muse I’ve been since I first became a fan back in ‘09 or whatever. Something just clicked sometime over the last year or so, maybe after SBE. I started to find it pointless to get so...negatively invested in anything that wasn’t amazing or exactly what I want, y’know? Like, I stopped seeing an average, hit-filled set as dogshit or lazy Muse who hate their fans and shit and realised, eh, I still like most of these songs a lot, why does it matter how often they’re played or how many times I’ve seen them? Got a lot more understanding for them as people, instead of idols that you put on a pedestal and hold to a standard that’s always slightly above whatever they’re currently doing, whether it’s gig-length, performance, song quality, rarities, etc. Vast majority of it becomes a lot more understandable when you put yourself in their shoes. Any song I’m not into isn’t the end of the world anymore either. Dig Down’s not the best thing since sliced bread but I can just relax and enjoy it for what it is instead of feeling the need to slag it off or call it ultrashit. Though it does help I actually really like all the others released since.

Idk, it’s hard to describe, I’m just a lot more light-hearted and open to whatever’s coming down the Muse path if that makes sense. If it’s a bit weird or I’m not sure how I feel, oh well, it’s still my favourite band. If it’s good (Pressure), beyond happy days <3

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