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Originally Posted by SerpentSatellite View Post
I had an appointment and now I'm working a mid-shift.
It's been a bummer of a day, so I wasn't really in the mood on break.
I'm especially not in the mood for "Muse does xtian music" today.

Reading people's reactions, however, has been interesting and amusing.

I also still haven't listened to New Kind of Kick, though. Maybe I should start there.
Er... I have a feeling you might like NKOK more.
You know the times you were criticising Revolt for inciting to rise up in a silly way considering the band's background?
Well, there's also a phrase in Dig Down that goes like this:
"With a gun to your head / You must find a way".
You've got the Readers and Books, babe... Now I am literalized!
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