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Tickets from Viagogo


I bought four (4) general admission tickets to Muse show in Madrid. Unfortunately I had to do it through Viagogo website as I couldn't get them from any other source. The price wasn't that bad, paid 480 EUR for all 4 inc. all viagogo fees (100 eu!!)

Tickets are Instant Download and they were sent to me via email as PDF.

They look genuine however they are black/white, no colour.

As far as I remember all the electronic PDF tickets supposed to be in colour or I am wrong and everything is okay? I am worrying that someone made a PDF copy of the original ticket multiple times (unless its protected against that) and selling them on these sort of websites. I was also in touch with Viagogo and they said:

"We can confirm that these are the tickets received by your seller. They are valid for entry."

Can any Muser confirm if your PDF tickets are also black/white PDF or in colour? I know you can print them in black white but I would think that original PDF should be coloured or I am just worrying too much... I was usually getting tickets by post for my previous gigs so I am not familiar with electronic ones. Thanks!
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