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Oh hey, new Moa thread! I was wondering before why I couldn't quote on the old thread

Jo, my registration was due about a month ago. I'm not sure that I can get off for that, since it's not one of those acceptable reasons to get it waived
Had a big argument with mum today 'cos she's all bitter towards my dad since the separation and keeps insisting that he pay the fine since the car is under his name. It's lame that she can't stop being all bitter about it and keeps trying to use me to get back at my dad

Alexander is going for 3 and a half hours on TV One
Keeper of: Chris' absence in most interviews . Matt's laughing but still trying to talk in the Exo-Politics radio interview . The petals in Matt's hair in the Feeling Good video .
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Would all of you please shut the fuck up and let me discuss that new Myuuuz video
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