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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
The very same. To be fair though, they did replace them from what I remember, but still... it's all a bit awkward.

Any examples of the odd sounds?

How many times have you seen them now? I've only seen them three times (two of which were opening for #musedrones) but I don't think that's too bad considering they rarely tour the US. Crazy to think that they headlined reading festival in 2013, and then they come over here a month later and are playing 500 people venues.
No specific examples, but some of the distortion sounds haven't been as good as his old ones. That could be down to the videos though, every time I've seen them his guitar has sounded amazing.

This'll be the the second time. Really wish I'd gone to at least one of the Barrowlands gigs in 2014 though. How different was it seeing them in a small venue?

I'll try to keep the "how can a metal zone sound that huge?!" Posts to a minimum tomorrow
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