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Originally Posted by Jaicen View Post
Makes sense. Z switched pot suppliers after Plug in Baby made the FF huge, as people were wearing out the stab pots. True story. If the pictures i've seen are correct, some of the older ones are linear, but the new ones are definitely reverse log (C). Personally I've never had a problem wiring a log pot backwards, but it is what it is.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, demz TOANZ is awesome. I think he should bring back the real amps.
Wasn't he using a POD in 2006? He needs to bring back the Soldano.

And yes I remember that, but I think it always sounded like this. I swear I heard that extra-broken sounding fuzz factory when he used the mirror for the earls court shows (which is when it was first used)

I'm not sure what's in this guitar, but it's probably whatever was in a mid-late 2004 fuzz factory.

Originally Posted by nerd herd View Post
Is that the same people who tweeted Olly about his broken cable or something like that? Can vaguely remember you telling me about them tracking him down too. If it is, I stopped using those cables and haven't had a dodgy connection since.

This. Kempers are really difficult to tell from real amps, but his guitar has sounded a bit odd at times since T2L tour. Could be something other than the amp though, the whole rig is digital now isn't it?

Edit: going to see Biffy again tonight
The very same. To be fair though, they did replace them from what I remember, but still... it's all a bit awkward.

Any examples of the odd sounds?

How many times have you seen them now? I've only seen them three times (two of which were opening for #musedrones) but I don't think that's too bad considering they rarely tour the US. Crazy to think that they headlined reading festival in 2013, and then they come over here a month later and are playing 500 people venues.
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