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Originally Posted by madzip View Post
Wow, that is simpley epic... Well Done L.

Spidey Dom makes a return, Matt looks like Emperor Ming and we we all know Chris is a horny little so and so.... mega.

My best home made vid was from Teignmouth... Uprising, great vid even if I do say so myself
That was such a great moment... I remember starting filming and wondering what the hell was flashing on stage and then as I zoomed I realised it was Chris!

Great video from Teignmouth it brings back so much memories... still one of the best weekend ever.

My best video this year as to be SMBH from Vegas as Mr Bellamy was willing to put on a "performance" although US has a couple of great moment as well.

I think my favourite pro-shot videos and gig has to be Montreux 2002.
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