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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
Anyone who went to RAH last time or been before in general know if itís the kinda place where you can hang around after to meet the band? Obvs the capacity would suggest it might be small scale enough to but I know the venue itself is pretty big and well looked after.
I was gonna ask you this Jobby, if you were gonna try and meet them after? No idea on how the venue works in that capacity mind and looks like it might be difficult

After a bit of thought I'm gonna give this one a miss, bit on the pricey side (if I even managed to get tickets) and factoring in travel and all the extras...think I'll hold off until the stadiums. Made up for all those who are going though, what a venue and I'm sure it'll be an awesome performance. I reckon a rarity or two and Jools with the gospel choir for Dig Down.
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