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Originally Posted by ils13 View Post
Didn't really know where to put my question, but after some searching I decided this thread should be most suitable

I was just wondering if any of the girls here has bought the "repeat horse" shirt in size Small? I just want to know two things:
  1. Can you compare the size to a size 8 (or XS) from shops like H&M for instance
  2. Is it really thin, or at least of a decent quality?

I'd like to buy it, but as it will cost me more than 30,00 I believe it may at least fit and not be a thin rag like you buy at Zara or Bershka
i haven't got that one, but i do have another one in small.
I would say it is a small 8. I mean, the shape of it is quite short - it doesn't come over the top of trousers (however, neither does the medium i own). I normally wear an 8/10 and i find it pulls across the chest and the tops of the arms...
The quality is good - tis you're average thick cotton

hope that helps!

Originally Posted by hyper_chondriac_muser View Post
Bought this last week... wearing it right now lol

Cost a bomb 'cos it's from America (check American Muse store... although I got it from Hottopic cos I spotted it there first, but twas more expensive in the end! ) But was sooo worth it! NEON MUSE FTW! lol
WANT! they have it in the Muse America store?
Originally Posted by Flynn View Post
Lady Gaga is following me on Twitter.

Do you reckon she wants to meet up so I can Poker Her Face with my Disco Stick.

But first I'll need to Raise It Up. Oh wait.
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