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Does anyone have this belt?

I'm looking for one since a long time now... i asked the shop service if they would add more one day
The answered the first time that it was a US item only, but if they could have some from US they would sell us on rest of the world
I then told them that this item was a "World excluding america" shop item cause i know that somebody had bought one and the page on the shop still exist (even if it doesn't appear to you)

Then they told me that i should keep an eye on the shop and be carefull they might have ones sometime...

I checked everyday since months now, i know they don't really take care about it...

That item would be sold much and much so why don't they make some more?
Can the band do something and ask the store to be sympathetic with us.. poor despaired fans?

Was also wondering is the following one is an official product?

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