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Originally Posted by fabripav View Post
In what way is a legit question asking "what was awesome about it" a snarky comment?
Because it comes after countless other posts where you made it clear that you think pretty much everything Muse has done over the last years is crap and beyond rescue, including the Drones tour. So I doubt you were expecting to exchange views on the merits of the tour, and just lowkey saying that nothing was awesome about it. Maybe I interpreted your post the wrong way and you were honestly asking. If so I apologise for the misplaced remark.

But still, even if the post I quoted wasn't the most obvious example of that, I don't think you can deny that almost all your posts on Main Muse consist in slagging the band off for a reason or another in every thread. We all talk shit about the band to some extent but when it's the only kind of stuff you post it's a bit annoying. Idk, imagine you're talking about a band with a friend and they tell you they don't like it; fair enough. Now if every day they come up and remind you that they don't like it, you're most likely gonna find it annoying. I just wish you'd try and contribute to Main Muse in other ways than only negative comments. Maybe I'm being oversensitive, idk.
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