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Originally Posted by _Ed_ View Post
So Bill English is paying the money back because he's had enough of it being an issue in the media. Not that it was wrong that he was getting the money in the first place.
I'm glad I shunned him in a propaganda photo shoot when I was little.

Originally Posted by bucjo View Post
what fucks me off is we're suppose to be grateful.

got my transfer letter today. going the 12th october to the new branch. having a date, and one only 2 weeks away is really upsetting. i'm really going to miss one of my managers and a couple of my workmates. don't think the over 60s are going to get my overly sarcastic humour or my strange noise making at my desk when i'm bored (where is bill and kristin who sit beside me now just know its a sign to chat to me!).
Awww I'm sorry.

Sick againnnn. I really should get those blood tests done. In the meantime I will watch extreme makeover and feel quite healthy by comparison.
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