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Answers from Dom.

The question for Dom. In one of the interviews you said you love cooking. When was the last time you cooked something other than sandwich or a snack? What was it?
I do love cooking and cook all the time when I’m home. The last thing I did would have been a beef roast dinner about three weeks ago, before we were out for the UK tour. I BBQ a lot as well.

Is there any plans for Vicky Cryer to reform or what is just a one off project?
I feel like this was a bit of a one-off, but you never know. Trying to get everyone’s schedules to line up was the tricky part.

Considering how many times Matt has chucked a guitar in your direction, have you ever felt like throwing something back?
All the time! Normally just verbal abuse rather than drum sticks!

How do you feel about fans constantly asking song request or questioning setlist choices?
It’s great! The fact that some people really care about what the setlist is is amazing and we do take note of what people are talking about and asking for; then we attempt to play them!

Do you think you guys will ever reach the point of doing longer—2 and a half to 3 hour—shows like Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters?
I’ve always felt like two hours is the max for me. Both viewing and playing.

Where do you store gifts that you received from fans especially the one you receive on tour? What has been your favourite gift?
I have a dressing room case with my clothes in it that gradually fills up with stuff like that over the tour. At the end of the tour I’ll have a good route through and take home the best stuff!

What's been holding you back from playing "Aftermath" and "Defector" from Drones?

We played Defector recently in a sound check and it was good. Sometimes the planets need to align for everything to feel right for us to play something and also it can be nice to save a couple of tracks to look at down the line. I think we will play them both one day!

As Drones is a concept album that is telling a story, have you thought about doing a one off show to play it in its entirety or perhaps commission a Broadway style show that follows the story of the protagonist?
I’ll go and see the Green Day one first!

Which rarity do you most enjoy playing?
Anything off the first album is a bit of a rarity these days. We played Sunburn recently which felt good. I want to play Glorious and Matt is always like ‘fuck off’...

How would you describe your fans?
Cool as fuck.

Have you ever sit back and go 'That was utterly insane! Why did we do that? What were we thinking?!’
I think we’ll say that after this Drones tour is done! An acrobatic alien dropping out of a UFO above the crowd was pretty insane. Looked cool though!

Do you guys have any music recommendations for your fans? What are you listening to right now?
Run the Jewels.

Have you ever consider making gigs audio and/or video available for download to your fans for a fee?
Yes we have been thinking about this and working towards it for years. I think there is something slightly daunting about the spontaneity of it all as we’d only ever want it to be great, which is generally the main aspect of pressure we are applying to ourselves all the time. It’s hard for every gig to be amazing, but we do try.

With the backlash over the "loudness war" and vinyl records regaining popularity, it seems there is a growing number of music fans that are paying much closer attention to audio quality. Remasters of classic albums also seem to be very prominent recently. With that in mind, would you ever consider remastering some of your albums in the future?
Yes I think this is inevitable as technology moves forward and formats evolve. Its nice to see vinyl having a resurgence, but digital music is reaching a very high standard these days. It used to suck when it first appeared!

How do you think your musical taste have changed with age?

This is something I’ve noticed and thought about over the last few years, but if anything they have broadened a lot and I tend to listen to more genres. Rock music used to be the only thing I needed when I was in my teens and maybe early twenties, but now I need a lot more to be really inspired. So I listen to hiphop, pop, electronic, metal or whatever is good!

Your fans seem to crave smaller shows - would you ever consider doing a small venue club tour (on a bigger scale than the Psycho Tour)?
Yes the Psycho tour was really good to play. The energy in the small place is so obviously different than somewhere big, which we definitely enjoy. It’s also nice that it's more about the music rather than production, so I think we will always go back to playing smaller places every now and then to feel that energy.

When writing new music for an album, do you ever think about exploring specific types of genres, or do you let the creative process take you wherever it takes you?
The tracks typically take on their own journey in the studio and can radically change, sometimes completely change genres. But I’d say when this is happening the tracks can get inspired by certain genres rather than attempting to make a track in a specific genre. If that makes sense!
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