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Originally Posted by CitizenBlissed View Post

He had a splash briefly, I guess he didn't care to play on it anymore as it hasn't been present recently.

Nice find on his cymbals, interesting that the profile mentions their latest album... The Resistance... not sure how up-to-date that page is.

Also, if anyone has any tips, suggestions, or info regarding a snare drum I am still looking to purchase a new one soon. Not sure if I should go with aluminum or black nickel over brass, or if anyone has any other suggestions?
Good spot, he must've ditched it after Belfast because I can't see it in Glasgow:

I've been looking into snare drums recently, what kind of sound are you after? I went into my local drum shop and the guy let me hear a few of the snares which was really helpful, it definitely gave me an idea of what I wanted. I've been drawn to the black panther machete which is a 14x6.5 steel drum. It has such a huge cutting sound to it.
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