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Originally Posted by onedaymyfriend View Post
Hi guys!

It pains me to do this, but due to the fact that I lost my job recently I'm having to off load some of my CD's. Please see below my a list of the Muse CD singles that I'm selling:

Bliss cd1
Bliss cd2

Butterflies & hurricanes

Cave cd1
Cave cd2

Hyper music/Feeling good cd1
Hyper music/Feeling good cd2


In your world/Dead star cd1
In your world/Dead star cd2


Knights of cydonia

Muscle museum cd1
Muscle museum cd2

New born cd1
New born cd2

Plug in baby cd1
Plug in baby cd2

Sing for absolution


Sunburn cd1
Sunburn cd2

Supermassive black hole

Time is running out

Unintended cd1
Unintended cd2

If your interested in any of the above, drop me a line.

Thanks again!

Hi! I would like to buy Unintended and Sunburn....COuld you tell me how much are you selling them from? Also could you also tell me the prices of the other cds. I'm interested!!!! Do you need my email address ???
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