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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
That post probably will hit most of K&T in the feels. Thing is, at least we (referring to most other guitarists) haven't spent over 35 years practicing the same recycled blues licks.

It's the equivalent of only playing the psycho riff for over 35 years, and refusing to try something different. I realize we will be playing the psycho riff several decades from now, but it's not because we're all narrow-minded pricks, but because we actually don't know how to play anything else...
you know me so well.

In fairness to Joe, he can really play, and he seeks out legit gear to do so. I dont really like his music, but I respect him as a player. Just watch him playing Clapton off the stage to see how good he is.

That said, I think his comments maybe don't read the way he meant, and they do make him sound a knob.
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