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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
I have the cubase project that was linked in that video, and can probably export the MIDI file by itself if you would prefer.

Otherwise, you'll need the cubase project, and will need to set it up correctly. It needs the audio track (all you need to do is import the album version of the song) and the MIDI interface configured properly.

It's still not really that close, as you'll probably be able to hear, but the main pattern is correct.
God, I'm not sure if I'm an idiot or if this stuff is legit complicated

If you just went with the file by itself, would I be alright just importing it into Reaper? Or would I still need to set it up after (or even change back to Cubase)? These probably sound like frustratingly dim questions Think I was sent the whole project last time and I seem to remember it being pretty simple to set up but I don't have Cubase anymore.

Either way, yes please
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