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Drones has re-entered the France Top 200 Albums Physiques chart the past two weeks according to SNEP:

#183 Week ending 4 May 2017
#127 Week ending 11 May 2017

Prior to the re-appearancce this month, the album's last appearance (67th week) on the French album physical (CD+Vinyl) sales chart was in September 2016.

Billboard US Alternative Songs chart history:

Muse have spent a total of 377 (and counting) charted weeks on this list with a total of 17 songs, 13 of which have hit the Top 10 and spent 20 weeks or longer on the Top 40 tally. 'Uprising' has spent the longest (53 weeks) time on the chart and 'Psycho' the shortest (1 week).

During the 2010s, songs from the following bands have spent the longest cumulative weeks at the Alternative Songs chart summit:

37 weeks - The Black Keys
30 weeks - Muse*
30 weeks - twenty one pilots
30 weeks - Cage the Elephant
29 weeks - Foo Fighters
26 weeks - Imagine Dragons

*'Uprising' logged an additional 15 weeks at the top in the latter half of 2009.

Sunday Times Rich List for 2017: Notable UK Musicians Aged 40 or Under

125m Adele
120m Calvin Harris
102m Chris Martin (90m each for Jonny, Guy and Will)
52m Ed Sheeran
40m Harry Styles (Same for Niall, Liam and Louis; 35m for Zayn)
30m MJB (25m each for DJH and CTW)*

*Estimates based on Forbes' annual Celebrity 100 earnings lists from 2011-2016. Also, the GBP has depreciated about 10% since the Brexit vote in June 2016 and many artists own USD assets such as real estate.

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