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Recent Praise from Two Notable Artists:

tylerrjoseph of twenty øne piløts posting on Instagram:

'i've learned a lot from this guy [Matt Bellamy] and he never even knew it. first time meeting him and we seamlessly rolled in to a discussion about in-ear monitors, floor wedges, and mic stand preferences. this was the best photo we got. the other ones we had our heads really close together for some reason. like, almost touching. i don't know why we did that.'

Cumulative weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs airplay chart:

45 Muse (Madness 19; Uprising 17; Dead Inside 5; and Resistance 4)
30 twenty øne piløts (Stressed Out 12; Heathens 11; and Ride 7)

Top Global Artists of 2016:

6. twenty øne piløts

Top Global Songs of 2016 (based on SPS):

10. Stressed Out, twenty øne piløts

Top Global Albums of 2016 (based on Pure Sales):

8. Blurryface, twenty øne piløts

Source: IFPI Global Music Report 2017

Blondie’s Debbie Harry: ‘I wish I’d written a Muse song’

[NME] asked frontwoman Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein which song by another artist they wished they’d written.

'Something from Muse I guess,' Harry told NME. 'They have a marvellous sound that’s so distinctive, and beautiful songs.'

No. of career charting songs on the UK Official Singles charts:

23 Blondie (Including six No. 1 songs and six remixes of previously released singles)

40 Muse (Including 29 songs which charted in the Top 100, 5 additional songs which charted in the Top 200, and 6 songs from BH&R which appeared on the Top 200 Track Downloads chart during 2006-07)

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