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Originally Posted by 01fromfinland View Post
What's the thing with people disliking Psycho so much? I mean, yeah, sure, it's cheesy and all that, but at least it was intentionally cheesy and funny. I really dig it.

And I mean, full breakdown of Drones:

Great: The Handler and Reapers
Good: Psycho, Dead Inside and Mercy
Decent: The Globalist and Defector
Bad: Revolt and Aftermath
Wtf: Drones
Psycho would have been great if it was 2 minutes shorter and didn't have the Drill Sergeant part. I really can't understand why they would make a 5 minute song with only a riff and a half repeated over and over.

And being intentionally cheesy doesn't make it better imo. Muse are at their best when they take themselves seriously.
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