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Well over the past five years, I remember dreams about...
the Beatles being on a really bad game show which seemed a lot like Ludo (you know, the primary colour game)
Being chased by a snake round a barbeque
Being pregnant and being annoyed because I couldn't reach my college desk
Examining strange green worms in Textiles which had eyes that moved up and down their body
Seeing my Religious Studies teacher at the beach when he floated past me on a surfboard
Standing on a random platform in our local shopping centre in the middle of the night
Being completely blind with a big bandage over my eyes and sitting in a chair listening to Cats the musical on CD while singing Memory really loud
Announcing that I was getting married while at my year 11 prom, and my college tutors (no idea how this works) being there and looking really, really confused at this notion
Dancing a viennese waltz in the drama studio of my senior school
And so on and so forth, so this really isn't that weird, I suppose
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