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Originally Posted by kirsty2stay View Post
Has anyone here ever queued for a gig at The 02 for anyone before? I'm in the Midlands and trying to work out whether I'm better off at The 02 or Manchester. I've heard crappy stuff about queueing in Manchester before, so figured I might be better off in London, but I've never been to The 02 before. Both destinations are pretty much equal for me to get to by train. Obviously London will work out more expensive, but I can make a mini trip out of it anyway. I love queueing for barrier, so if The 02 have the best queue system then it may help swing it.
When I queued at the O2 in 2009, it was quite organised. We started off outside, and were then moved inside by security to another part, and then moved again to another, if I remember correctly.
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FUCK YOU! we can say what we fucking want about a fucking setlist fucking nazi fuck.
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