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Originally Posted by Jaicen View Post
Am on my phone at the minute, but anytime you see two Ge trannies like that, it's a fair bet it's a Fuzz Face. derivative. Big cap looks like a high voltage ceramic, probably just dumps treble to ground. What trannies?

Edit: the amp was a YB something? It was a Marshall type front end with a fender twin 6L6 power amp. It has the scheme in the chassis, which is handy.
Hmm I guess that makes sense. What about the silicon one?

The switches are a tone bypass and some sort of voicing switch (I see it's connected to that yellow film cap anyway). Seems to do something to the midrange.

It sounds great anyway.

YBA-3? I can't say I'm familiar with those, but I've had a YBA-1 (bassmaster) in the past. Great amp. Might have to get another at some point... they're still in the $500 range it seems.

It's all a bit stupid. You can get an early 60s Bassman for under $1000 easily, but a decent JTM 45 from the same time period costs nearly 15 times as much.... the funny thing is that the JTM is probably built with inferior parts too.

No offense. That's probably why they sound the way they do.

Also, in true Hendrix fashion, I just blew up one of my amps. It's those shite-y russian made EL34s....
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