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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
Which one?

I've got an old OR120 which is pretty loud, but compared to the sound city I had, it's not as bright and doesn't have as much headroom

Also, can you identify this circuit? It's the tranny I posted the other day.

Strange little tan colored cap between the two pots is NOS I think. Same kind as the mustards used in the old Marshalls - I have some blue ones branded SRC.
Am on my phone at the minute, but anytime you see two Ge trannies like that, it's a fair bet it's a Fuzz Face. derivative. Big cap looks like a high voltage ceramic, probably just dumps treble to ground. What trannies?

Edit: the amp was a YB something? It was a Marshall type front end with a fender twin 6L6 power amp. It has the scheme in the chassis, which is handy.
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