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Originally Posted by Royboy View Post
you are my hero

Sure I am a little jealous, but why do his videos all have 10k plus views and I am lucky to have 700 views????

Also of note, I can be guilty of too much sustain myself from time to time, but I try not to let it get in the way. My biggest pet peeve with Piano Muse covers is when people do Space Dementia.... The album is very spacey and washed in reverb, but still has clarity. I see so many versions were people overly dramatically play the intro SUPER slow, and then instead of clean even notes they go straight into: "look how fast I can play" mode, with the sustain rocking at full blast!

I think my next mini project is to post a video of Space Dementia with NO sustain, I'll do this and Stephen, you record the bliss arps with one hand and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son... oh wait...

Lastly, one last disclaimer, I am not trying to be elitest and all "my E5 is perfect" on everyone, I just want a little love for my videos toooo
Yeah Roy, I'm the first saying that my piano playing is weird enough
I overuse the sustain, and I make a lot of mistakes, but my main focus always was to feel what I play. That's the only thing I care
And I have to say that your New Born cover is the best one I saw on Youtube, and I like the clear sound you have into your playing (and you know the rough sounds I have into my videos instead)
Keep on make videos, and you'll get the views you deserve
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