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Why? The highest note is a brief G5, which he was smashing last year in Showbiz, and itís a part he could pretty easily avoid without really affecting the song anyway.
He's stated they had difficulty recording the song back then. I assumed because it was hard to sing but it could have just meant technical issues. But I have the feeling the reason it's never been played live since, what, 1997, and even then 3 times, is because its not easy to sing? I can't technically analyse the song since I don't have any knowledge regarding vocals but the vocal range seems really great and goes from super low to high at the end.
You're right though, I didn't know the Showbiz note was the same. Maybe he could do it then, thinking about it!

All the same, I actually don't think I care if he can fully hit the notes or not. I just want to hear it live!
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