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Bliss live?

I've been thinking about Bliss. It's my (and many others) favourite song ever, and, as I didn't get tickets for the Saturday Wembley gig, I didn't get to see it. They've been playing it less and less lately, and by the time their next album (if they do one) comes out and they go on tour, will they phase it out altogether?

I'm just worried that I'll never get to see my favourite song live. It looks bloody immense. Although, sometime ago, Matt said that the next album would be 'back to their roots' (not sure of the actual quote), so, maybe there is hope? I don't know. I mean, this forum is full of nutcases who want Escape live , and that'll probably never happen given the nature of this tour (and, by continuation, the next).

Just a bit of a worrisome rant for me. Feel free to troll me, if you want.

EDIT: Oh bollocks, put this in Gigs and Tours section . Maybe the Songs and Releases section would be more appropriate. Feel free to get rid of this is you feel this is the case.
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