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Hi, well I've only 4 Muse related pics although I do a lot of art and wish I had more time for it! I have Muse related work in progress though, here are the drawings I already made:
1.'s kinda blurry, I'm sorry for that!

2.A drawing for Chris' scrapbook

3. The Resistance artwork combined with the logo of my home football club

4. An acryl painting I made for an exercise book

Lanxess Arena Cologne 16/11/2009, Rock am Ring 5/6/2010, Lancashire County Cricket Ground, Manchester 4/9/2010

This show is one of the best I've seen them play. Anyone who isn't a Muse fan is banned from music for life!!! Muse is putting on a fucking clinic right now!!!!! Fuck they rule!!!!!!!!! (via Twitter)
-Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
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