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Originally Posted by 01fromfinland View Post
Montreaux 2016.

Yes, I'm still salty af about that list. And yes, even if we got MC, CE and AP in provinssi. Still salty.
I was only ever salty about it 'cause I genuinely nearly went. Think I was choosing between that, Sziget and Rock Am See but chose the Eiffel Tower gig when that got announced. In fact, the only reason I didn't go with Montreux was 'cause the setup seemed a bit more confusing than other fests I've been to and didn't wanna risk a mixup when I'd already be nervous af about being on me own in a foreign country.

Got over it pretty quick though. Futurism would've been the only song I haven't seen, crowd seemed pretty dead and, goofy costumes aside, the encore was pretty gash. Don't even really regret doing Paris instead either.

Edit: If we're talking gigs I considered going to and do regret skipping though, then I'd love to go back and go to Exeter and Ulster Hall on the Psycho Tour (as much as that Assassin tease would've murdered me). Hopefully gonna make up for them by travelling around as much as I can whenever they next do something like that.
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