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Question for any of you delay/maths enthusiasts out there. Was playing a bit of Pink Floyd last night, and I normally use my Memory Man for delays like that because they just sound so good, but I thought I'd try and set up a preset for Another Brick (Part I) on my Timeline. I tried to check the BPM and got 100, and the delay time is about 440ms. However, apparently they're dotted eighths, which changes it all. I tried to use an online calculator which said I'd want to input 600ms, but it still didn't sound right, at least when I tried to play with the song. Is that just that the delay beats aren't in sync with the song or have I got the tempo wrong?

It sounded okay if I was just playing it by myself but then got messy if I tried to listen to the album version at the same time, so it might be the former. I might try it again with my Memory Man later as I've absolutely nailed it on there before. I'm just wondering if the whole 'preset' thing with the tempo is the problem when there's no midi clock sync stuff going on. I don't mind sticking with the DMM obviously, just playing around with what my Timeline can do.
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