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But that's the beauty of it. Its randomness. I thought mine didnt turn out too badly bar a few

Just did a shuffle playlist / setlist.

I do not have the resistance on my iPhone so those songs are exempt.

Thoughts on this fluke?

1. Hysteria
2. Sing for absolution
3. Megalomania
5. Glorious
6. Knights
7. Animals
8. In your world
9. Map of your head
10. The small print
11. Butterflies and hurricanes
12. Falling down
13. Feeling good
14. Supermassiveblackholes
15. Map of the problematique
16. Muscle museum
17. Liquid state
18. Screenager
19. Fury

20. Supremacy
21 Hyper Condriac Music

22. Cave
23. Micro cuts
24. New born
25. Citizen Erased

As I say, no resistance to choose from so I'd slap MK ultra, uprising and guidi... I mean Exo 1 in there somewhere if I could choose 3 from the album.

Kept it to 25 as it seemed fair.

If you want to jiggle it about go ahead
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