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Works normally and in reverse

Knights of Cydonia
Stockholm Syndrome
Interlude + Hysteria
Hyper Music
Dead Star
The Handler
New Born
Citizen Erased
{Munich Jam}
Showbiz (Ashamed Outro)
Time is Running Out
Map of the Problematique
Plug in Baby
Take a Bow

SBE Redux Edinburgh

Dead Star
Hyper Music
Sing for Absolution
Butterflies & Hurricanes
Space Dementia
{Munich Jam}
Showbiz (Ashamed Outro)
MK Ultra
Muscle Museum
Time is Running Out

Assassin (ext.)
Stockholm Syndrome
Take a Bow

SS, Bliss, TIRO over Knights, PIB, Hysteria

The 10 - Dead Star, Exo, S4A, Glorious, Butterflies, SD, Showbiz, MKU, MM, Assassin (Exo, MKU, SD replace Easily, Fury, and Citizen)

Hyper Music and Take a Bow over Futurism and New Born (the bonus extras)
Leeds Festival 26/8/11
SECC 24/9/12
Emirates Stadium 26/5/13
Etihad Stadium 1/6/13
Barrowlands 16/3/15
Download Festival 13/6/15
Manchester Arena 8/4/16
SSE Hydro 17/4/16
SSE Hydro 18/4/16
Shepherds Bush Empire 19/8/17

Mischief Managed

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