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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
I'm not sure what to do tbh. Obviously I'd like to go, especially as I haven't been to an arena gig for Muse before. Something just feels wrong about paying 70+ for what'll inevitably be about 21 songs though.

I don't wanna support it, but I feel like enough people will/are that the band won't really notice or care if some people aren't happy.

Edit: I wish Dee wasn't banned, I'd be interested in seeing his thoughts right about now
Yeah I see that too. Its 20 more than Emirates 2013, which was 24 full songs, plus Isolated System and 2 drum&bass jams.
Originally Posted by AlecSp View Post
Could it be that the big prices are to pay for the set? All this talk of in the round makes me wonder how much towards something like U2's 360 set - which was *stupidly* expensive to fabricate and tour.
Well, the U2 360 set was with overheads of something like 750,000-a-day even when shows were not on, yet they still had a few thousand tickets per show at 30 (nosebleeds, yeah, but still), and GA was less than 70 (I think it was 65 but I'm not certain).

It probably is the case this is pricey because of all the drones that Matt's hinted are in the toybox. Even if it is agreed that the Psycho Tour was pricey for what it was... maybe Q Prime charge higher fees than their old management do, ehdunno.
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