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I've bought several times over the years from the shop but the new team is making me angry.

I bought 3 tshirts 2 weeks ago, 2 from Sale and the Hydro Owl one. There are no measures on the shop for the new one and i ordered a Medium so i couldn't go wrong. But instead i was! It was so big, like a L or even XL i couldn't wear it so i sent it back 2 days later (last week) with a message inside asking to replace it with a Small one.

They replied me only today, after 4 days, saying that they will send me refund and i will have to make a new order. This is not fair as i paid shipping once and also return shipping. They want me to pay for shipping for 3rd time. It was not my fault since i couldn't fine measures anywhere at website shop.

I wrote them back asking to please send the correct one. Any help please, Olly? It's the first time they're putting me down and i don't find it fair. Thanks!
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