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ohhhh right. i forgot about the underaged aspect. but what i truly meant was on top of playing one bigger venue for people of all ages, i'm hoping that they'd play a couple of smaller ones alongside.

and haha if i have to travel to watch them i'd rather go further than singapore. this way i can at least do some sightseeing in a country that's totally foreign. two birds with one stone. besides, it's not as if i've never done it before. i did just that for the RHCP concert and BDO in Perth in '00.

so if they're coming down to SEA but not to M'sia, no, i prolly won't bother to travel. i'll just youtube their live shows 'til i save enough to go to the UK or US or wherever (Italy's high on my list). i'll just plan my travelling dates to coincide with their touring ones. xxD

and i think their SEA tour could actually be early next year, possibly the first quarter. i got wind that it might possibly be as soon as March/April-ish. but things could change tho so ultimately, i dunno.

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