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Originally Posted by mynameisdebbie
oh hello! haha i found another Malaysian Muse Fans thread. cool
anyway, even if Muse is gonna tour SouthEast Asia, i doubt that they'd come to KL, because like you said, not many Malaysians know of Muse. which is extremely gay if you ask me! i've got a feeling they'd tour Singapore instead, which isnt that bad since its just below us.
oh, i've checked their tourdates for January 2007, and i dont see any mention of any countries in SE asia. all i see are mostly in Australia.. but then again its not confirmed yet. maybe will update it soon enough
they just might. contrary to popular belief, they do have quite the fanbase here actually. although i'm not quite sure if it's big enough to fill the bukit jalil stadium--not that the venue is all that massive, just whether or not the fanbase and musicheads here are interested enough but at least a medium sized venue like the kiara equestrian club will have a sizeable turnout, i reckon. given the 'nature' of the place tho, i'd rather it not be there. but since i can't think of any other decent places, i guess it'd have to do. people'll just have to remember to bring those menthol oil and nose pegs...

i'm hoping for some smaller club venues thrown in, though, like the recent We Are Scientists at Zouk KL one but Muse might just be able to command a crowd that's bigger than smaller venues like that over here now. couple of years ago these smaller venues might've worked maybe but certainly not anymore now, i don't think. i can still hope, though...

that, and i really don't wanna travel too far to catch them live, worth the trouble as they may be i probably simply won't bother...especially if it involves crossing borders of any kind =( so it'd be really great news if they do make a short stop here. heck, i don't even mind paying the price for the best seats, as long as i don't have to go out of my way too much to attend...that's what the band's supposed to do. we do the payin', they do the travellin'.

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