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there...really aren't too many of us, eh? i think looking in this thread itself will already tell them how unjustified their trip here may be. much as i wish they'd come, i really dunno if enough people here know of their music enough or at least heard of them just enough to be curious to check them out live (and leave a total Musehead convert).

we're a rather concert-starved country, and they don't exactly get loads of airtime here. in fact i don't think i've ever heard them on mainstream radio programs (which i only ever switch to when i'm driving and forgot to bring CDs on board...which is too often, unfortunately, as they don't play stuff i fancy so it usually ends up as background noise). i've only ever heard them once or twice on those more obscure evening rock selection thingies...which prolly contributes to the factor of why we're so starved in the first place, other than the obvious 'too much jumping through immigration hoops', of course.

which is why that little airplane up there is really, REALLY ironic.

le sigh.

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