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Take a Bow
Hysteria x2
Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm riff x2
Butterflies & Hurricanes + riff x2
Assassin (extended)
Plug in Baby x2
Forced In (instrumental)
Bliss (extended)
Sunburn (piano) x2
Hoodoo x2
Invincible x2
Supermassive Black Hole x2
Time Is Running Out x2
New Born x2
Starlight x2
Stockholm Syndrome + riff
Muscle Museum
Knights of Cydonia x2
Micro Cuts
City Of Delusion
Citizen Erased
Feeling Good
Man Of Mystery
Soldiers Poem
NEC - November 14th 2006
Wembley Stadium - June 16th 2007
V Festival, Stafford - August 17th 2008
NIA - November 10th 2009
LCCC - September 4th 2010
Wembley Stadium - September 11th 2010
NEC - October 30th 2012
Ricoh Arena - May 22nd 2013
St James' Park - June 2nd 2013
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