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Originally Posted by jackparker View Post
with what matt said, he could just be not talking straight and then come up with something completely different and very bombastic!

Unless they make a slow album, we could have setlists of slow songs!
Oh I agree, which is why I'm not taking anything he says seriously. I'll wait and see what they come up with.

By the by, I am not interested in a classical album at all. I want old skool Muse, none of this pansy crap about love.

Originally Posted by Olly. View Post
This tour seemed devoted to just new fans, didnt accommodate for the fans (bar the setlist polls which were a complete balls up) who helped them grow into the popular band they are, after all they help fund them when going to the gigs I fear the next album tour will be the same.
They took our jobs.
I'm a real fan.

Originally Posted by a-museing View Post
I doubt Matt's some kind of evil dictator of the setlists. If that is the case and they're not standing up to him, they need to man up. I know Matt writes the setlists but if they don't think he's doing a good job, they should write the setlists themselves.
Either Dom and Chris don't really give a shit and are just letting Matt take the lead, they are happy with the setlist, or they aren't a fan but can't be arsed arguing.
I don't actually know what they are thinking, obv, but I'm just going by interviews etc.

Oh, and I suggested to Chris he writes the sets from now on.
Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
Vote Matt out of the band.

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