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Originally Posted by ils13 View Post
Nice thread, only just a little too late for me, as I remember that at the time of "Plug In Baby", I just kept on wondering where the hell I could find a jacket similar to the one he wears in the video. I thought it was SO cool (and still do actually)

btw, in the meantime I found something that looks a bit like it, from Carhartt. But even the smallest size is too large for me *d'oh!"
Ha! Got the similar experience with a Muse jacket. Size S was way too big.... But when I order T-shirts size S is nowhere near my bodysize.... Haha.

The T-shirt you are looking for.... doubt anyone will sell it by now for a reasonable prize
Good Luck...

Still waiting for someone who will sell me the Kelly Green Hoodie
At least I got the track jacket, and it is awesome!
Best quality I have seen in years.
Better than "Saints" or "Boss".

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