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Wow wow wow. Amazing night with the band... This is a copy and paste from my Facebook pretty much.

Before the show, I tried it out at a guitar center. A dad and his son saw the guitar, came over and started asking about it. I told them all about the guitar, and they really enjoyed playing it. They asked if I did basses, said they were sold, exchanged numbers. 5 string fretless, for a worthwhile price.

Easily one of the greatest nights I have ever experienced.

-Spent nearly the entire day with one of my favorite and most inspirational bands.

-Guitar was loved by Eric, as well as the entire band, and stage crew. Flocks of people came to look, and the sound guy was very happy with it's tone. Even the frontman had to play it, and he doesn't play live.

-The president of Bad Cat Amplifiers played the guitar, he was very impressed. He gave me his card, and now I get artist pricing for all of their products.

-Sameer (singer) offered showed me all of his vocal effects, how he uses them.

-Invited for soundcheck, essentially got a private concert for an hour.

-Invited into the dressing room for pre-show drinks, we all shared a bottle of Patron (I have the bottle as a souvenir)

-Guitar was played live, sounded phenomenal.

-Met the guitar player for Steelwell, gave me his number, is buying a custom guitar

-Watched the entire show from side stage, still had great sound quality, and was able to go in front of the barrier for a video of my guitar in action

And to top it all off, this was Young the Giants homecoming show, and their biggest headliner to date. The energy was immense. I have never seen a band perform that way, the crowd was overwhelming.

This was the experience of a lifetime. I love these guys, great friends. They took amazing care of me and showed me the same respect I have for them.

Eric said that this WILL be the main guitar when they hit the studio. They're making a documentary on recording the new album, and my guitar will be all over it. In addition to the Steelwell connection, I may getting in touch with Grouplove and Walk the Moon. Pictures and video coming later.

Now that the quality of my guitars are top and proven under the highest levels of scrutiny, I can now price them in the realm of what custom guitars generally sell for. It's been a journey, but Im now building the guitars to the quality that I have always wanted to.

If anyone wants to follow outside the boards, its Barnett Customs on Facebook, and @barnettcustoms on the twitters.

Saddle up James, you're next out the door.
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