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Hello folks

So i'm currently pricing up a little project that I've wanted to do for a while now, but I'm only going to do it a) if i have the time and money, and b) if i'm sure i could turn around a profit.

I remember a while ago someone did that squire with the korg monotron, and it was pretty cool. So i was tempted to have a go at modding a cheap tele with the intention of selling it on for a profit. I've a good strong concept, and I think it's got potential. It's not too difficult to do either, and would be pretty cheap. I just wanted to get some opinions on it, to see what people think.

The plan was to take a standard black telecaster, or a telecaster kit, and do the following mods to it:
Body Modifications
Pickup configuration changed to either 2 x Humbuckers OR 2 x p90's wired as 1 humbucker.
Black Pickguard
Black Surface-Mount (Bigsby Style) Vibrato Bridge
(basically, all black hardware)

Some sort of nice black pickups, with some sort of cool configuration, not too sure what way though.
Onboard Mooer Audio Pitchbox
Onboard MXR Microamp

So that would essentially be it. A few little fun additions, but nothing too difficult, and nothing too expensive. When I was thinking about the electronics side of things, I looked at various articles on recommended fx order, and having pitch/boost at the start is a common trend. I was thinking that having a simple little pitch thing in there would allow you to do things like make the guitar sound a little like a 12-string guitar.

Anyway, ideas/opinions?
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